Foundation Pierre Boulez NL



Stichting Pierre Boulez (Pierre Boulez Foundation The Netherlands) was installed
on 6 december 1999 by Etty Mulder (1946} and the late Marius Flothuis (1914-2001) professors of musicology at RUN and UU, Flothuis also artistic leader of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The members of the board were prominent representatives of Dutch musical life and musicology.

The organisation was founded to contribute to the promulgation of Pierre Boulez’s oeuvre, in the broadest sense, in the Netherlands. From the beginnings not only Boulez’ compositions and his theoretical writings on music, also his activities as a conductor were aimed to spread knowledge hereof. Main objectives were formulated:

• translations will be started of Boulez’s theoretical publications
• performances of Boulez’s compositions will be stimulated
• archives will be formed of concerts under his direction recorded by the Dutch Radio, both with his own works and with other compositions
• a series of annual Boulez lectures will be organised, to be given by prominent personalities in the world of music, as well as lectures at conservatories and universities.

Pierre Boulez personally confirmed the initiative and expressed his appreciation of this initiative mentioning his ties of friendship with Dutch musical life.

2005-2015 projects

Explosante Fixe
On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of Pierre Boulez 2005
the foundation collaborated with the Museum Groningen in commissioning the visual artist Peter Struycken to create a dynamic colour-analogy on five screens on Boulez’ composition Explosante-Fixe.
The project was realised by support of Holland Festival and Mondriaan Foundation. This is a work in progress that will be presented in a new version on the occasion of Boulez ninethieth anniversary, march 2015.

To translate Boulez
From 2008- 2014 the Foundation was publishing translations of the theoretical and essayistic works of Pierre Boulez in five little volumes: Boulezschriften by support of Société Gavigniès, edited by Veenman Publishers and In de Walvis-Publishers.

The age of Boulez; Pierre Boulez and the Intermedial Artwork
The project Pierre Boulez and the Intermedial Artwork has been started in the fall of 2013.The project will take a central position at the celebrations of Boulez 90, March 2015.

Members of the board of Pierre Boulez Foundation NL
Etty Mulder
Eveline Nikkels
Emanuel Overbeeke
Wim Markus
Leo Samama

Advisors Jan Zekveld, Catherine Steinegger, Hans Ester
Referent Ed Spanjaard
Producer Fundraising /Website The age of Boulez: Hilbrand Adema

Former members
Marius Flothuis†
Jan van Vlijmen†
René Jaspers
Maarten Brandt
Truus de Leur
Ton Hartsuiker†