The intermedial artwork

Pierre Boulez and the Intermedial Artwork is a project of the Dutch Pierre Boulez Foundation. It takes place between 2014 and 2020.

There are dozens of recordings of performances, in sound and/or vision, of compositions by Pierre Boulez, made in famous concert halls all over the world. The same applies to performances of works by other composers, conducted by Pierre Boulez. Apart from that there are many important registrations of interviews held with him.

Icon of modern music

These sound recordings, films and videos have many qualities which justify them as documentaries or artworks in themselves, in which music and image are interwoven with great creative skills. The central observation is that, by virtue of the fact that these great pieces of music are conducted by Boulez, he can be studied as the icon of modern music.

The importance of this combining of music, image and film fully complies with the essence of Boulez’ creative thought: without poetry or without the visual arts, his work would not exist. Within the framework of this project, special attention therefore is also directed to compositions and theoretical essays focusing on the poets Mallarmé and Char and the visual artist Paul Klee.

The project Pierre Boulez and the Intermedial Artwork consists of:

  1. a scientific, musicological part: the collection, selection and registration of visual materials
  2. a public part, in which a selection of the music films will be presented, discussed and explained in public

The public part of the project will be executed in intended cooperation with Maison Descartes (l’Institut Français de l’Ambassade de France aux Pays Bas). Various seminars and conferences will be organized in collaboration with Boulez experts, in close collaboration with musicologists and art theoreticians from The Netherlands and elsewhere.

The Pierre Boulez Foundation is planning to show the following works in public:

  • Arnold Schönberg Moses und Aron Amsterdam-Salzburg 1995, Pierre Boulez / Peter Stein.
  • Moses und Aron Paris 1973 Daniele Huillet and Jean Marie Straub, film.
  • Richard Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen, Bayreuther Festspiele 1980, Pierre Boulez / Patrice Chéreau.
  • The making of Der Ring des Nibelungen,1980. Patrice Chéreau 2005, documentary.

The project The Age of Boulez (March, 2015) forms a part of the project Pierre Boulez and the Intermedial Artwork.


For the purposes of this project here you will find several relevant documents. Follow this page, as the list of documents will grow continuously.


Echanges de Catherine Steinegger et Etty Mulder


Peter Struycken Explosante Fixe

Etty Mulder Explosante Fixe by Peter Struycken

Etty Mulder The Fertile Land (published in 2015)

Catherine Steinegger Der Ring des Nibelungen in the version of Pierre Boulez and Patrice Chéreau

Catherine Steinegger La Symphonie Mécanique, film de Jean Mitry, musique de Pierre Boulez

Anne Ozorio Eclat {Amazon web-publication}


International festival of contemporary music in Venice, 2012

» Interview with Pierre Boulez
» Pierre Boulez receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 2012
» Meeting with Pierre Boulez
» Interview with Susanne Mälkki, conductor of the Ensemble Intercontemporain
» Performance of Ensemble Intercontemporain